Benefits of Laser Assisted Dentistry

Sep 5 • 1 minute read

With more dentists utilizing advanced laser technology in their practices, you now have more options for greater care when it comes to many traditional dental procedures including oral surgery and treatment for gum disease.

Laser-assisted dentistry offers improvements in precision and comfort as well as efficacy and healing. It is particularly useful for focusing on a specific area without damaging healthy, adjacent tissues.

Common dental procedures that utilize laser technology include:

Crown Lengthening - Dental lasers can reshape gum tissue to expose more of your healthy tooth surface. Crown lengthening is often done to prepare for restorations as well as correcting high gum lines or gummy smiles.

Gingivectomy - This procedure also targets the gum but its purpose is to remove tissue affected by gum disease or to reduce the size of pockets between the teeth and gums.

Frenectomy – The use of lasers in correcting this condition, commonly referred to as tongue-tie (tight lingual frenulum) is fast becoming standard.  There is little to no pain or bleeding associated with the procedure and the need for sutures is eliminated.

Oral Surgery – Laser applications in oral surgery are endless, and many dentists who use laser technology are incorporating it when placing dental implants or performing extractions.

An Experienced Dentist for Laser Treatment

The benefits of laser dentistry are far-reaching and worth seeking. The level of care and satisfaction you receive with this technology rests with the dentist you choose. Choose your dentist wisely; Check that they have the training and experience to utilize the technology to its best potential. There are no drawbacks to report with the method itself as it only serves to enhance your treatment experience and outcomes.

A Growing Practice – Soon to be a Standard

As more patients demand laser-assisted dental care for themselves and their families, the faster it will become a standard dental application. More dentists will receive the training and begin equipping their offices with this technology, making laser-assisted dentistry the standard in the field.

If you are seeking a dentist who is trained and experienced with laser-assisted dentistry in Tuscaloosa, Dr. David Scott provides excellent care and seamlessly blends laser technology into his practice. Call our office today.


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