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Dental anxiety is common among people from all walks of life. That’s why David A. Scott, DMD has gone to great lengths to provide a safe, stress-free environment in which to treat his patients. In the calm atmosphere of his Tuscaloosa dental office, you will have a choice of sedation options that will help put you at ease.

Specially Trained and Experienced

In order to safely provide sedation to patients, dentists must be specially trained in this aspect of care. Dr. Scott has undergone thorough training and has many years of experience administering various forms of sedation to his patients in Tuscaloosa. He is committed to helping you achieve your ideal dental health and provides this service to assure that you don’t forego necessary dental treatment out of fear or anxiety.

At our Tuscaloosa dental practice, we offer:

Oral Conscious Sedation (Prescription Medication) – For those with severe anxiety, this stronger sedative can have residual effects lasting several hours after the appointment. For that reason, you will need to arrange for someone to pick you up from your appointment as it is not safe for you to drive.

Nitrous Oxide – For those with moderate anxiety, we provide this fast acting option that dissipates quickly allowing you to drive yourself home after a short waiting period.

How Does Sedation Work at the Dentist’s office?

If you choose oral sedation, Dr. Scott will have your prescription ready the day before your treatment. We will inform you whether or not you should refrain from eating until after your procedure. We will instruct you bring the medication with you, and to arrive at least 30 minutes early so that your medication will have time to work.

If you choose nitrous oxide, we will advise you not to eat anything for at least two hours before your appointment to help reduce the chances of experiencing an upset stomach.

During your Visit

Dr. Scott will monitor your heart rate and blood pressure before the treatment to ensure the utmost safety. We’ll provide blankets and pillows to help relax you even more. When you are ready and Dr. Scott has checked your vital signs, the procedure can begin.

After your treatment is complete, you will feel peaceful and calm. You will be provided with follow up and aftercare instructions, and depending on your choice of sedation, will either be allowed to leave immediately with your driver or wait comfortably until the effects of the nitrous wear off.

Your Comfort and Peace of Mind Matter

If you suffer from dental fear or anxiety, you are not alone. Don’t allow this to prevent you from regular cleanings and exams that aid in keeping your smile healthy. Call our Tuscaloosa sedation dentist today for the care you need.

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